Dinjuan Bohemian Chic woven into the everyday

DINJUAN Inspired by Africa, Nature & Wanderlust. Cultural Influences, Vibrant Colours & Lush Textiles inspire DINJUAN.

Animal prints are evident throughout the Capsule Collections. Inspired by DINJUAN motherland Africa, Nature & Wanderlust.

DINJUAN Bohemian Luxe created for the Fashionable Global Traveler, Innovative & Versatile.

DINJUAN Bohemian Luxe transpired from adventures & favourite destinations!

DINJUAN Fashion is produced Ethically & Fair Trade. Limited Edition.

Made with LOVE

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Maree Davidson 2

Maree the Artist behind Maree Davidson Art

Maree is famous for her fine art, as well as her Happy/Quirky Animal Art.

Her artwork is collected globally, including the UK, Canada, USA, France and China.

Maree holds a Diploma in ‘Cartooning’ and is accomplished in oils, acrylics and pastels.

After many years as an art teacher, Maree became a full-time professional artist in 2003.

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little Flossy

Little Flossy

Our clothing is for little girls and we also design and import some wonderful garments from our travels.

We are a family owned business founded 14 years ago just as a hobby when my children were 1 and 4, now my girls help out in my little business working at our market stall most weekends.

I feel so very lucky to have enjoyed watching my children grow while working from home and now they enjoy working with me!

We are at The Collective Markets every weekend, just outside the Sweet Shop.

Vicki – Little Flossy

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LA king 1

Introducing our Latest Menswear Designer

A unique collection of originally designed and handmade T-Shirts designed and hand made by Collective Creative Sod Khamsyvolavong, in Brisbane, Australia.

A fitted, tailor cut T-Shirt that is tight where it needs to be with bold colours and fresh patterns to make sure you stand out from the crowd.
We are so proud of Sod being recognized as the winner of the Coffee Club 2014 Student Award of Excellence in Fashion Design (garments featured in the 2014 Paniyiri Fashion Parade in Brisbane) and Highly Commended Prize December 2013 (Diploma of Applied fashion Design and Technology – Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, Brisbane Queensland)

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Flame Tree 2

Flame Tree Aromatics

It’s always so wonderful to see the talents of our Collective Markets Creatives being featured in the Press. Thanks to The Weekend Edition’s Kathryn Lindgren for this feature on our Stallholder Kerry from Flame Tree Aromatics.

Kerry Jenkins from Flame Tree Aromatics. A former nurse, Kerry found that when her children were young and both sleeping for hours in the middle of the day, there was a fire in her belly to be productive. A homey person and a lover of ambiance, Kerry always used candles for gentle light as well as for the beautiful fragrance they emit throughout a room. Kerry started making candles and didn’t look back, and is now in her fourth year of Flame Tree Aromatics.

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